What is Wahed Invest?

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Technological advancements have done a great deal in transforming how we conduct businesses and operate our daily lives. Netflix revolutionized the traditional television distribution as people opted to stream online. Uber is giving traditional taxi companies a run for their money. Payment systems like PayPal make obtaining physical cash unnecessary. Those digital platforms provided services that made life more comfortable. Companies that successfully blend traditional services with modern technology make a higher impact on users, filling gaps in the conventional system.

Wahed Invest is the new disruption in the world of investments, providing a Shariah-compliant platform that appeals to Muslims, especially those who live in developed countries where they lack access to financial assistance and opportunities. Headquartered in New York, Wahed, the first-ever halal robo-advisor, began operation in 2015.

There is a reason why Wahed Invest became the largest Islamic Robo Advisor based on client count in the US,  just one year after its initial launch: it appeals to all ethical investors, regardless of how much they choose to invest. Wahed allows users to open an account with a minimum of $100 and invest in a portfolio of ethically responsible stocks, Islamic bonds, and gold. The company utilizes the services of a full-time Ethical Review Board to ensure all returns are following Islamic principles. Furthermore, Wahed is on course for further expansion into Europe and Asia, reaching a larger community that is waiting for the opportunities provided by the investment platform.


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