What is riba? – With Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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What is riba?

Riba is an un-ending terrible cycle of interest that the creditors used to put their debtors in, during historical times and pre-Islamic Arabia.  It was a tool valuable for the lenders, as its design and method helped the rich become prosperous and wealthy, while it tightened its grip on the borrowers.Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi presents examples in this video as to how riba keeps on making the creditors rich, while it crushes the bones of the debtors like a serpent squeezing the life out of its prey.

The birth of Islam was the death of riba. Prophet Muhammad (saw) strictly prohibited it. Islam calls riba an evil that is one of the greatest sins, right next to murder. The impact of practising riba is so damning that it is as if you are at war against your own Creator.

Islam as a religion advocates equality while riba is an absolute opposite, promoting economic injustice. Islam fosters a concept of investing where both parties share the fruits of profit and at the same time bear the burden of losses. This concept helps circulate the wealth in the society, making it a more balanced economy as well.

Watch how Sheikh Dr.Yasir Qadhi explains in detail on how important it is to avoid riba.




  • Shehnaaz Tim

    We live in Australia. We have a mortgage in Australia. I have been listening to Yasir Qadhi regarding riba. Do you lend globally or only in the US.

  • Wahed Editors

    Salaam Shehnaaz,

    Thank you for your interest!

    Our platform is offering halal investment accounts but we do not support mortgages and lending services. Furthermore, we are still aiming to launch in Australia but cannot confirm a timeline at this stage. If you wish to invest with us, feel free to join our waitlist here: https://campaign.wahedinvest.com/intl_waitlist

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