What are some steps that we can take to ensure that our investments are halal?- with Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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What are some steps that we can take to ensure that our investments are halal?

Thinking about making a Halal investment is one thing and making sure of one is another. It can be a tough task to figure out the underlying assets of a portfolio or a company’s sources of income, its areas of investments, the promise of investing in one and consequently the value or lack of returns. There might be some people who are capable to master such complexities but the majority of us need expert help.

That’s where an organization like Wahed comes in handy by taking care of all matters related to not only the Shariah policies but also the portfolio structure and allocation as well. An investor looking for a halal channel can rely on Wahed, which is certified by an Ethical Review Board as per the AAOIFI’s criteria and also backed by financial research, to make such investments with complete peace of mind.

Watch Sheikh Dr. Yasir Qadhi explain in detail the ways to ensure our investments can stay Halal:



To learn more about the topic of halal investing, check out this article:


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