We’re now licensed and live in Malaysia!

It’s launch day! Wahed Awarded First Islamic Digital Investment Manager License in Malaysia


When we first started from our small New York office, our aim was to provide access to a halal investment platform for all savers, whether they’re living in the US or abroad.

However, we wanted to make sure that we roll this out efficiently while localizing the product for each country we launch in.

We’re extremely proud to announce that the Malaysian Securities Commission has awarded Wahed with Malaysia’s first Islamic Robo Advisory license. We’d like to thank the SC for their continuous support and progressive outlook as they continue to work to make Malaysia the Islamic FinTech hub it has become. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Today, Wahed Invest is launching in Malaysia.


How will this help you

If you’re a Malaysian resident and you’re reading this, you now have a way to invest your savings in seamless, efficient, and halal manner (through Wahed, in case our dramatic introduction wasn’t clear 🙂 ).

We believe that passive, long term investing is a very efficient way to grow your wealth.

Wahed will suggest a portfolio (a combination of different investments) for you based on your risk appetite. After you select your portfolio, open your account, and make your first deposit, we’ll invest your funds for you. All you have to do then is to monitor your account, and decide how often you’d like to save and contribute to your Wahed account.

Your portfolio will be in Malaysian Ringgit, you can deposit and withdraw anytime free of charge, and most importantly, the product is regulated by your local authority – the Malaysian Securities Commission.

Visit our website to learn more and see how you can put your money to work in a smart and easy way, starting with as little as RM 100 and going up to as much as you’re comfortable with.

We’d like to thank our amazing tech and product teams for working non stop, and our passionate Malaysia team for all their efforts on the ground.

Thank you to the thousands who have joined our waitlist, we can’t wait to meet you at our upcoming events.

Warm regards,

Wahed HQ


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