Team update: Product and Technology

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Team update: Product and Technology


Highlights from Q3

The UK product was shipped successfully with a bunch of new features around suitability, recurring deposits, transaction matching tools and so much more that may not be visible to the regular user. Both Kazakhstan and Nigeria have gone live behind an invitation code. Card payments for the latter are also pretty much ready on our staging environment, and are currently undergoing the testing phase. Wahed is also officially “multi-cloud” now owing to the need for a separate local server for the Saudi product, which is currently in the testing phase as well. We should get the green light to launch as soon as the business teams finalize a few items.


What’s in store for Q4?

We’re officially kicking off work on the US robo! It’s a massive project but we’re all excited to bring it to the global app. We’re also working on launching the new version of the app with the banking product, starting in the UK. Indonesia is also another big project in the works. We’re releasing other platform-level changes like the new deposit flow to make it a lot simpler and modular for all countries- features to help with churn, stickiness, education and a lot more. The Product team is also going to start working on the Takafol product’s requirements (for Malaysia) and preparing that for Tech. We also have plans around security improvements and system resiliency upgrades.


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