Our Story: Reaching Active Clients in More Than 30 States

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Lagging far behind conventional finance, access to Halal investing has been in need of an overhaul for a long time. We’re extremely proud to be the ones to help evolve this form of socially responsible investing — making it more accessible and efficient for our clients.


Welcome to the modern age of Halal investing with Wahed!


Everyone should have access to a financial advisor

The average client age at the two largest conventional robo-advisors is 34. The average age of clients at traditional investment advisors is 58. Clearly, conventional finance players are finding ways to provide access to individuals of all ages and income brackets. This is an area where Halal investing has fallen far behind — so we stepped in.

At Wahed, we believe that everyone should have access to a financial advisor, whether it’s to plan for the future or simply prepare for a major purchase. Because of this belief, we’ve opened our doors to almost everyone. In fact, our registered users come from 48 different states, and our international registered users on the waitlist come from more than 95 countries in six different continents.

Our active clients now come from more than 30 states. This makes us particularly proud because our aim is simply to make halal investing accessible.


Accessibility and Flexibility

In the past, individuals looking for traditional Halal financial advisors faced many barriers, including high investment minimums that are particularly restrictive for younger investors. This often leaves this demographic with no alternatives besides a low-yield, savings account. This, along with the high fees generally imposed by traditional advisors, dilutes returns in the long run and puts younger investors at a significant disadvantage.

We’re striving to make investing through our platform as convenient and streamlined as possible. Wahed clients can receive a free portfolio recommendation, open an account, fund it, and start investing in as little as two working days. There’s only a $500 account minimum, no lock up period, easy and quick access to your funds and lower fees. And, we also have an amazing client support team!

Wahed Invest LLC. is an SEC registered investment adviser, and our partner broker is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, FINRA, and SIPC.
SEC registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training.


Technology Shaping the Future

Technology has affected our lives in countless ways, and with Wahed, we’re using the latest innovations to impact the way you think about and manage your investments. 

With the latest technological advancements, our low account minimum, and a user-friendly client portal, Wahed has redefined the entire client experience when it comes to Halal Investing, solving almost every pain point that existed previously.


– Don’t want to commit with a high investment? Check.

– Tired of paying high fees? Check.

– Fund and withdraw money quickly and easily without a lock up period? Check.

– Diversified portfolio with improved technology? Check.

– Open an online account in minutes? Check


On top of all this, we’ve also managed to provide our customers access to Sukuks (Islamic Bonds) which can be a significant part of your portfolio. This asset class can sometimes be restricted to clients with large account sizes.


Not anymore!


Ethical Review Board

We’re fully committed to ensuring that our company and all recommended investments are fully Halal, which is why we have our own Ethical Review Board to monitor all activities. Some funds we invest in have their own compliance committees, but we wanted to have a second layer of oversight to help you gain peace of mind knowing that your savings are being invested in fully Halal investments. You can read more about our Ethical Review Board here under the ‘Ethical Investing’ tab.

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Halal investing is no longer a chore.


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