Meet Fatihah Tang, Senior Client Support Executive.

“Try to think of new ways that you can bring value, not only to the company but also to yourself. Mental health is very important, so that’s also something that you should take care of as well.”

In this edition of our spotlight series, we sat with Fatihah Tang, Senior Client Support Executive at Wahed in Malaysia, who gave us insights into her role, the best dish to try when you’re in Kuala Lumpur and how she stays motivated at work. 

Tell us about what you do at Wahed. 

My role right now is Customer Support and also Operations. What I do as customer support is assist with clients who have questions about Wahed service and products. For operations, I mostly deal with deposits, withdrawals, and also inventory calculation.

When did you join the company? 

I joined Wahed a couple of years ago as a Senior Client Service Executive. This meant that I was the first point of contact for clients on live chat, calls and support emails and ensured that all communication complied with financial regulation. I was responsible for managing client complaints and responding to client inquiries by coordinating with the different teams and area owners (operations, product, marketing and so on). I would also facilitate KYC processes and requirements to clients undergoing the onboarding process and create and update the customer service framework and knowledge base.

How did you end up working for Wahed? 

Before this, I was a social media manager at an internet marketing company based in Kuala Lumpur. As for joining Wahed – it’s a funny story. I was planning to leave my previous company, and my friend suggested Wahed, which was also where he wanted to interview. And I got the job. He didn’t!

What are the benefits of working at Wahed? 

Whenever we receive positive feedback from the clients, that’s always a nice experience to have. Also, we have the freedom of working from home. This was mostly due to Covid-19, but I highly suspect that even without that, this is a job that we can do from anywhere in the world. 

What would you say is the best thing about working for a startup?

The best thing about working at a startup is that you can learn everything. You can learn how a business gets built and how it is maintained. My understanding from my friends is that they are working in places that are quite stable, and it’s easy to get complacent. But at a startup, you’re always looking for ways to improve. 

If someone had only one day to visit Kuala Lumpur – what would you recommend? 

We have a lot of great food in Malaysia – one dish I would definitely recommend is Nasi Lemak. For those who have never had it, this is a rice dish with peanuts, sambal, cucumber, and an omelette served on a banana leaf. The best Nasi Lemak is the one that has crunchy fried chicken.

There is still a lack of women working in fintech – what can be done to attract and retain more female talent? 

For females to thrive in this industry, they have to have an interest and general knowledge about fintech, and once they have that, it should be easy for them to engage. Many women leave the industry because they don’t feel appreciated – I don’t really feel that. Also, many women let the stress get to them, so it’s important in the workspace to have some kind of support. Usually we find that support in our coworkers.

What has kept you motivated?

I have always aspired to be involved in something that can make a positive impact on the world and our future. It’s great to see how my bosses are running the company, and I like when they uplift our spirits. Sometimes, they’ll find a Twitter thread from a customer who praised us and share it with the group, and that’s very good for moral support. Also, there is an emphasis on transparency across the company so that everyone can understand what is being done and why. 

One final thing – what career advice would you give a woman who was keen to enter the world of fintech?

Always do your best, but never let anyone push you around. Of course, treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself. Try to think of new ways that you can bring value, not only to the company but also to yourself. Mental health is very important, so that’s also something that you should take care of as well.


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