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How is my money invested with Wahed?

Investing 101 | August 07, 2017

How is my money invested with Wahed?

Wahed Editors


Our aim at Wahed is to make halal investing accessible. We’ve put technology to good use to provide you with $100 account minimums, lower fees, the ability to place withdrawal and deposit requests at any time, and much more.

You don’t need to wait for weeks or months to review your performance, and you certainly don’t need to sign paper forms and fax them in. We’ve changed the way you think about halal investing.

You can open your account in minutes online, and also monitor your performance at any time across all devices.


Simplifying halal investing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking about becoming a halal investor yourself. We have active clients from over 45 states across the country*, and they’re normal people like you and me who’ve decided to put their savings to work and not leave them sitting in a bank account.

We know that you like to see where your money is invested at all times. But do you know how we invest it?

If you’re a video person, this will help.

See how your deposit becomes a diversified portfolio.




Do you have $100 in your bank account? Put them to work!

You can sign up here


* As of July 2017, subject to change


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