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Who would meet Mahmoud 1on1?

New York, USA, March 4, 2019 — This weekend marked the start of The Wahed 1on1 Challenge with Mahmoud where more than 50 players from New York and New Jersey battled for the top positions. The first challenge took place Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 at the Islamic Center of Long Island in New York and it was nothing short of energy and excitement. Although it snowed, many competitors braved the adverse weather to make it to the competition.


The top eight finalists of the competition were:

Kashaf Zeb, playing for The Islamic Center of Long Island, NY
Abdul Popal, playing for Masjid Wali, Edison, NJ
Mohammad Elzanaty, playing for the Islamic Center of Melville, NY
Marcus Robinson, playing for The Islamic Center of Long Island, NY
Mohammad Mian, playing for Masjid Hamza, Valley Stream, NY
Sultanul Arefin, playing for Jamaica Muslim Center, NY
Pape Tunkara, playing for Westchester Muslim Center, NY
Jamal Razaki, playing for MDQ Academy, NY


These eight finalists will play each other 1on1 at the Finals scheduled for March 17, 2019, at 5:00 pm at MDQ Academy, Brentwood, NY. The winner will take on Mahmoud for the king of the court. If he were to beat Mahmoud, he goes home with $1000, plus Wahed donates $2000 to his Masjid.

Players showed a high level of commitment to basketball and proud to be playing for their communities. Many of the players exhibited acute skills in shooting, dribbling, defense, speed, and stamina, critical to a 1on1 competition. When asked, their games ranged from weekend warriors to college level and beyond.

The same level of professionalism and commitment were shown during the entire tournament. Basketball is not only about having fun on the court but also about showing courtesy and respect to one another, as was exhibited. They appreciated and expressed gratitude to Wahed for organizing the tournament which has brought them all together to meet and compete.

Wahed is proud to have partnered with ICLI, South Asian Sports Network, and MQD Academy. They provided invaluable support to ensure the enormous success of the NY Qualifier. These communities and organizations have supported Muslim youth by providing access to sports and educational programs for many years in the New York and New Jersey Area.

The Wahed sponsored 1on1 challenge piqued the interest of the players about halal investing and wealth creation. The players included young professionals, career professionals and business owners who are looking forward to taking advantage of Wahed’s easy, accessible and affordable digital halal investing platform.

Qualifiers and finals are also being hosted in Los Angeles and Dallas in March and April 2019.

For more information visit: 1on1.wahedinvest.com



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